Music Classes

Music plays an important role in teaching any language. Kids of all ages love music and enjoy engaging in music activities. Our program recognizes the need to incorporate music into our language lessons, because music

  • builds vocabulary
  • teaches idioms
  • teaches pronunciation and intonation
  • teaches reading comprehension
  • inspires a class discussion
  • breaks the ice in a class where students don't know each other or having difficulty communicating
  • changes the mood (liven things up or calm things down)
  • introduces new theme or topic (Christmas, colors, feelings...)
  • improves memory
  • teaches listening for main idea and details
  • teaches songs and rhymes about difficult grammar and spelling rules that need to be memorized
  • is fun

Our music classes are 1/2 hour blocks conducted once in 2 weeks during regular school hours. Classes are lead by experienced Czech and Slovak music teachers. Our school participates with its music program regularly at various Czech and Slovak events around NYC.